The Ohm Story

Ohm isn’t just another power provider.

We believe that having electricity shouldn’t be complicated. And it definitely shouldn’t be expensive.

That's why we’ve made things easy and low-cost for you.

You see, with us, you take charge of your electricity needs. Using our simple online tools, you can better manage your energy supply and, ultimately, save on your power bill.

We’ve also teamed up with SP Group so that they can continue bringing you the same great power, service, billing process and utility bill.

In other words, when you sign up with us, you’ll be getting the same great power and service you’ve come to love, at a fair price, without the complications.

Our Philosophy

Because we don’t have a huge corporate structure, or armies of salespeople (and don’t want those things either),
you get a cheaper price.

Because we’re partnered with SP,
you get exactly the same billing, customer service and indeed energy supply you were getting before.

Because we’re focused on supplying households,
you get a service designed specifically for you.

Because we believe you always have the right to choose,
you get subscription plans and trials that don’t tie you down with us.

Because we believe in operating in an efficient and nimble manner,
you get the simplest and fastest way to what you need.

Because we believe that treating people fairly is a long-term driver of profit for us,
you’ll get an energy supplier who believes in always giving the customer the benefit of the doubt.

We're Carbon Neutral

As a signatory of Climate Neutral Now an initiative by the UN, we conducted carbon footprint assessment and purchased offsets for our office operations.

We estimate our carbon footprint at 15 tons annually and have purchased 1000 tons of offsets to cover the entirety of any possible carbon foot until the end of 2020.

Going forward we will limit our carbon footprint by:
▸   Recycling our office consumables when possible.
▸   Printing double sided when applicable.
▸   Choosing energy efficient office equipment if the option is available.
▸   Using smart devices to more accurately control energy consumption to minimize wastage.
▸   Taking public transport instead of private transport for business travel if possible.
▸   Choosing to support initiatives which are carbon neutral to fulfil our business requirements.

Contact Us

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Our Customer Care Hotline discontinued. You may still reach us at customer-care@ohm.sg for any enquiries. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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